JX-AC380V-100KW Resistive AC Load Bank
Load Banks are devices designed to provide electrical loads for testing power sources such as generators and Unin- terruptible Power Supplies (UPS). Load banks are also used to reduce “wet stacking” problems in diesel engines of backup generating systems.

JX-AC380V-100KW AC Load Bank

It is really critical that your standby power system say UPS(uninterrupted power supply), battery bank, AC & DC generator, transformers, inverter etc working in good condition if switched to be loaded when the main power supply in maintenance procedure or stop abnormally. So validating the condition and output of such power systems must be conducted comprehensively. For regular maintenance task, the performance test and in-service test need to be made for at least one time yearly, it’s recommended by IEEE standard 450-2002


Features and Functions

--Test and display singe and phase-phase voltage, current, active powerapparent power, frequency, running time, energies of generatorsUPS and other AC sources.

--Set discharging time, timing to automatic shut-down load and alarm.

--Cutt-off parameters settings: load voltage, over voltageunder voltage and over current threshold value settings protection, over heating protection, automatic shut-down and alarm

--Parallel load function to have higher power load testing by RS485 communication, up to 99 sets could be parallel.

--Real time controlling discharge through PC software by RS232 connecting with load bank.

--On line monitoring functions: monitoring the EUT output single phase voltage, phase to phase voltage and frequency.

--Load discharging process is divide into at most 5 load steps with desired time interval, overall time up to 20 hours.

--Readjust discharge parameters during discharging process

--Up to 10 groups of discharge data could be saved in load bank.

--Power Fail Recovery function

--PC software for data/curves management, report printing.


Technical Specifications


JX-AC380V-100KW (380V, 100KW)

Mains Voltage

Single-phase AC120V±10% or AC220V±10%50/60Hz

Rated Power

Stand-alone: Max 100KW (Three-phase 380V)

          Max 30KW (Singly-phase 220V)

Parallel Operation: Multi-Units Operation Support

Parallel Load Quantity

1~99 sets

Load Step

Maximum load steps 

(Each step maximum 100KW three phase and maximum 30KW single phase)

Minimum Load Step Resolution


Load Voltage

Three-phase AC380VSingle-phase AC220V

Voltage Test Range

AC 0~450V, Display Resolution: 0.1V, Precision: ±5‰

Current Test Range

AC 0~200A, Display Resolution: 0.1A, Precision: ±1%

Frequency Test Range

40~60 Hz, Display Resolution: 0.1Hz, Precision: ±2‰

Power Test Range

0~100 kW, Display resolution: 0.1kW, Precision: ±1%

Temperature Test Range

-20~100℃, Display resolution: 1℃, precision: ±1℃

Discharging Time

0~(99 hours and 59 minutes)Continuously Adjustable

Recording Period

6~999 Seconds

Temperature Alarm &

Threshold Value


Cooling Mode

FCT(Fan control Temperature)

Communication Mode

RS232, RS485 and USB communication

Display Mode

Large LCD screen with high brightness

Condition of Circumstance

Working Temperature: (-20~55)℃        

Storage Temperature: (-45~70)℃

Relative humidity: 90%(40±2℃)

Atmospheric pressure: (70~106)KPa

Insulation Strength



Load Bank Dimensions


Net Weight





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