Junxy Energy--Ideas for your power systems

It is really critical that your standby power system say UPS(uninterrupted power supply), battery bank, generator, transformers working in good condition if switched to be loaded when the main power supply in maintenance procedure or stop abnormally. JUNXY high power AC & DC load banks provide preventative test and maintenance solution which is in accordance with the country & industry test standard to validate the output, reliability and stability of generator, UPS, battery bank, PV inverter, charging-pile and etc. regarding these products standard, delivery test & commissioning. So validating the condition and output of such power systems must be conducted comprehensively. 

Junxy is a professional and leading turn-key power solutions provider for your standby power systems to100% GARANTEE that if the power systems are what you expected them to be. Standby power systems with such electrical equipments are recommended to have acceptance test applying Junxy’s one-stop power solutions.

With a team of skillful and experienced engineers working decades in the field of battery, battery testing equipments & AC load bank which made up of Junxy’s three groups of products, Junxy could provide the best service and support for the manufactures & users of battery bank, generator, transformer, invertor and UPS.

Junxy products include but not limit to maintenance-free VRLA battery, deep cycle battery, gel battery, solar battery and UPS battery, battery resistance tester, battery conductance tester, battery charger, battery charger/discharger and monitor, battery regenerator, battery load bank with cell voltage monitor, battery monitoring system, power quality analyzer, DC load bank & resistive/inductive/capacitive AC load bank.

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